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Hi Green Musketeer,

What an amazing day yesterday! We were present at the award ceremony of the MKB Innovation Top 100 (held by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce). MKB stands for ‘Small Business Entities’. If you have kept an eye on our social media channels and our newsletter, then you have seen that we were nominated for the top 100. But we didn’t know what the results would be, until yesterday evening.

All the 99 other companies were so innovative and inspiring, and it was an amazing night. And we hope to see more of them in the future!

With proud we can say that the Dutch Chamber of Commerce has selected Groasis as the most innovative company of the Netherlands! We want to thank all the Green Musketeers who have voted for us, and we are very happy with the support that we get from you all. Only together we can reforest our beautiful planet.

Please keep an eye on our website and our social media today for more updates. You can visit them via one of the buttons below.

Green regards,

The Groasis Team