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The purpose  was to introduce BBD broadly  for the first time in Japan to companies and knowledge institutes by highlighting specific information.  This included our open innovation approach and participation in the BIOPEN project (www.biopen-project.eu). Also the core of our ecosystem was presented, as well as three examples of advanced material programs and the link of one of them to the Biovoice initiative (www.biovoice.nl).

There were 280 speakers giving oral presentations on their recent work and sharing their new achievements with all the participants. There have been 345 attendees from worldwide to join the event.

The audience could learn from Willem Sederel (board member Biobased Delta) about:

  • Valorisation of pectin and galacturonic acid for new chemical building blocks from sugar beet pulp with link to the Biovoice initiative.
  • PHA2USE  a unique initiative of the Dutch water authorities to scale up the production of a climate neutral and high-quality bioplastic by fermentation using sewage sludge, organic municipal waste and industrial organic waste water as a resource.
  • Biorizon, a shared research program by TNO, Vito and the Green Chemistry Campus together with a large industrial and international community. In co-creation with global leaders and SME companies in the fields of feedstock, conversion, equipment and end-products Biorizon creates renewable aromatics that outperform their fossil counterparts.