Process industry

The process industry is becoming ever more sustainable through the combination of clean technology and the development and (large-scale) use of green raw materials and sustainable energy. The optimisation of biomass transport is also an integral part of a more sustainable process industry. The Zeeland, Ghent, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Moerdijk ports play an important role in the transport of biomass within the South-western Netherlands and from elsewhere in the world.

Better utilisation of residual flows like CO2, water and heat can play an important role in achieving a more sustainable process industry. Biobased Delta promotes initiatives in this area. An important example is the Smart Delta Resources platform established by a number of energy and raw material-intensive companies from the South-western Netherlands. The companies research whether they can share their waste and residual flows on a large scale. Another example is the Plug & Play area being developed at Maasvlakte 2 for the biobased industry and where the focus is on the sharing of residual flows and closed chains. This not only makes the Dutch process industry more sustainable, but can also significantly improve its competitive position in terms of energy and raw materials.