The region of Biobased Delta has much potential to further develop and strengthen its frontrunner position in the coming years. To accelerate the global transition to a biobased economy, cross-border collaboration projects with similar organisations are indispensible.

Therefore, Biobased Delta aims to establish relationships between industrial, academic and governmental organizations, in order to initiate joint projects in research, development, demonstration or commercial partnering. Collaboration agreements already exist between Biobased Delta and partners in Flanders, North Rhine-Westphalia, Northern France, Brazil and Canada. We aim to intensify these agreements the next few years. Also Biobased Delta welcomes the opportunity to establish partnerships with other regions, primarily in order to increase joint opportunities.

Various projects have been initiated with EU funding. This creates a strong foundation for acting as a frontrunner within newly established European programmes.

Memoranda of Understanding

In 2014, two important Memoranda of Understand were signed between Biobased Delta and foreign partners. Signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) means a formalisation of an existing partnership.

Industries & Agro-Ressources (IAR) (Northern France)

In early 2014, a collaboration agreement was signed with the IAR North France Cluster, aimed at developing joint projects in coming years in the area of bio-aromatics, among other things. Biobased Delta and IAR collaborate on areas such as sharing of knowledge, project management, innovation, Research & Development and the implementation of high tech projects. Also they jointly apply for acquisition of Dutch, French or European funds to finance their projects.

Memorandum of Understanding Biobased Delta and IAR Memorandum of Understanding Biobased Delta and IAR
Dominique Dutartre (President IAR), Ben de Reu (Director of Supervisory Board Biobased Delta) and Willem Sederel (Director of Biobased Delta) sign the Memorandum of Understanding between Biobased Delta and IAR, while French President Hollande and Dutch Prime Minister Rutte are watching. (Photographer: René de Gilde)

Bioindustrial Innovation Canada

Mid-2014 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Biobased Delta and Bioindustrial Innovation Canada, during the Bio World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology in Philadelphia. The MoU calls for collaboration on such areas as pyrolysis, chemicals from sugars and lignin-based materials. It extends for a three-year period. The collaboration will also contribute to building enablers for scientific community development. It includes sharing of knowledge and best practices, organizing seminars and scientific conferences, attracting and developing young talent. The development of joint educational programs in the field of novel biobased processes and products and the wide communication of scientific results are also included.