Green building blocks

Many types of synthetic materials, chemicals and coatings like paint and glue are made from the chemical aromatics benzene, toluene, xylene and phenol. Biobased Delta develops alternative aromatics from green raw materials and researches how fibres from agro residual flows can be utilised more effectively.

This research is taking place in, for example, 'Biorizon >> The Way to Aromatics', a Shared Research Centre initiated by TNO, VITO and Green Chemistry Campus. Biorizon focuses on technological developments for the production of functional biobased aromatics for high-grade materials, chemicals and coatings. The Shared Research Centre is responding to the expected growing shortage of aromatics from the petrochemical industry and the broadly held ambition to greenify the chemical industry. Biorizon draws the interest of companies specialising in biomass, conversion, installations and end products, both global players and SMEs. The Shared Research Centre aims to become one of the top centres in the world within the next five years.