Biobased Delta

In the South-western Netherlands entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and governments in Zeeland, Zuid-Holland and Brabant work together towards a biobased economy.

The region is a front runner in this new economy. It has a large agro, horticulture and chemical sector, advantageous geographic location (along the Antwerp-Rotterdam axis), room for various deep sea ports, and provides the setting for collaboration between multinationals, the SME sector, knowledge institutions and government agencies. All of this makes the South-western Netherlands entrepreneurial, distinctive and application-oriented.

United under the name 'Biobased Delta', entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and government agencies strengthen the front runner position of the region in the biobased economy. They work together across borders in several respects, not only between the various sectors in the Netherlands, but also with business professionals in Flanders, northern France and North Rhine-Westphalia.

Rop Zoetemeyer, director of Biobased Delta Rop Zoetemeyer, director of Biobased Delta
Herman de Boon, chairman of the board of Biobased Delta Herman de Boon, chairman of the board of Biobased Delta
"The transition to a 'circular biobased economy' is an irreversible and long-term process. Collaboration between the corporate world, government, institutes of higher education, NGO's, financial institutions, civilians and consumers is a necessary condition. This to advance the process on local, national and international levels."