Asian Development Forum on Bio-based Materials 24-25 Mei (Bangkok)

Asian Development Forum on Bio-based Materials 24-25 Mei (Bangkok)

donderdag 24 mei 2018 tot vrijdag 25 mei 2018



Bio-based Chemicals and bio-based materials and have been a hot area of research for several years in global. According to the report of Occams Research, the current global production of bio-based chemicals and polymer materials is around 50 million tons and the annual output value can be 10-15 billion US dollars in 2021. According to the research date of European Bioplastics Association and nova-Institute, the global production capacity of bio-based plastic will grow with a rate of over 20%, from about 2050 thousand tons to 2440 thousand tons in the next five years. PLA, PBAT, PHAs are representative materials and the main application area is packaging materials.

In recent years, Chinese bio-based materials industry has developed rapidly with constantly breakthroughs of key technologies, rapid growth of product categories, enhanced economical efficiency of products, which has made bio-based materials become the hot spots in industrial investment. At the same time, bio-based materials industry also thrives in Southeast Asian countries where biomass resources are abundant. Take Thailand for example, it has become Southeast Asia’s largest bio-plastic production base with a sugar production of more than one billion metric tons. Similarly, Malaysia has become the emerging locality and market of lipid biological materials with its world’s largest palm oil production. With the implementation of the planned bio-based materials projects in Asian countries such as China, India and Thailand, Asia will be the new market leader in bio-based plastics!

To strengthen mutual exchanges, cooperation and innovation among countries along the B&R, the 2018 Asian Development Forum on Bio-based Materials will be held in Thailand on May 24-25. The topics of the forum are “Green materials, Win-win cooperation”. It will promote the vigorous development of bio-based materials by collecting technological advantages, resource advantages and market advantages from countries along the “Belt and Road”.

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