Below you will find the projects the various parties are collaborating on, or for which they form a network, in the field of the biobased economy: 

Vanguard Bioeconomy Pilot 

In 2016 the Vanguard Initiative started the Bioeconomy Pilot for the leading biobased regions in Europe. This involved the identification of six business cases, of which two are directly important for the Biobased Delta region, namely large-scale biorefining of lignocellulose (Redefinery) and bioaromatics (Biorizon). 

In 2017 the added value of the Vanguard Initiative is going to be explored in more detail on behalf of these projects. This will reveal what kind of extras Vanguard has to offer compared to the existing networks in Europe. 

You can find more information about the Vanguard Bioeconomy Pilot in this flyer

Beechwood international 

The internationalisation of the German Spitzencluster Bioeconomy under the name of 'Beechwood International' offers interesting opportunities primarily for joint projects with 3BI partners supported by partners from the Finnish CLIC cluster and members of the Shanghai Advanced Research Institute. 

Items on the agenda of Beechwood International include high-quality biomolecules for additives used in cosmetics and (animal) food and wood-plastic hybrid composites for the construction, infrastructure and automotive industry. 

BIOpen Project 

The Horizon 2020 BIOPEN project was launched at the beginning of May 2017. The project encourages co-innovation partnerships for new products and markets in the sector. These partnerships use a web-based open innovation system, developed by IAR. This system is used by the biobased industry in the clusters in Germany, Finland, Poland and the Netherlands. 

Biobased Delta is participating in the BIOPEN project as one of the five clusters. Three innovation companies are also participating, as well as a national technical university. The following is an overview of the participants: 


Biobased Delta (The Netherlands) 

Cluster Industrielle Biotechnologie 2021 EV (Germany) 

BioEconomy Cluster Management GmbH (Germany) 

Turku Science Park (Finland)  

Green Chemistry Cluster (Poland)  

Innovation companies: 

Ciaotech Srl (Italy) 

Innovation Engineering Srl (Italy) 

Europe Unlimited (Belgium) 


National Technical University of Athens 

You can find more information on the website of the BIOPEN project. 


In 2014 the collaboration between the Netherlands, Flanders and North Rhine-Westphalia was ratified in the Bio Innovation Growth mega Cluster (BIG-C). Various public-private organisations involved in biobased innovation, including the Biobased Delta, are participating in the cluster. 

The parties behind the BIG-C initiative are BE-Basic (the Netherlands), CLIB2021 (North Rhine-Westphalia) and FISCH (Flanders). These are all partnerships with a focus on the sustainable chemical sector and innovative biotechnology. BIG-C encourages the connection between natural resources from the three participating regions. Together we can be more effective when it comes to making the industry economically viable and sustainable. BIG-C is also creating a more attractive climate for demonstration and pilot projects based on major European Union innovation programmes. 

Within the framework of the initiative the Biobased Delta is focusing on the Biorizon bioaromatics programme. Other important issues are 'C1 gases into chemicals', 'biofuel for the aviation sector' and the circular economy course. 


More interregional collaboration in order to renew European industry. That is the goal of the European S34Growth project which is being participated in by 10 European regions from 8 different countries. One of their goals is to improve policy to make collaboration easier and policies more efficient and less bureaucratic. That will give businesses more space and opportunities to take steps towards a new economy.